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  • The Binomo trading platform is designed to be as practical, smooth to apply and handy as viable for beginners traders. 
  • On preliminary launch, the organisation made use of third party software as their platform of desire. However, because then, the organisation has moved from ‘off the shelf’ answers toward their own, practical layout that meets the desires of its customers.
  •  Evolved to include various on-point features for buyers, the modern iteration of Binomo is whatever however frequent. 
  • and practicality are important points for the dealer, as well as providing aggressive capabilities to their trading clients.



At Binomo, we’ve considered everything down to the littlest detail. We know how significant the nature of the trading is to a trader’s success. That is exactly why Binomo places such emphasis on a significant degree of administration and a wide spectrum of intellectual offers. Likewise, the agent devotes an enormous measure of regard for the expert readiness of fledgling brokers, while simultaneously accommodating the most significant level requirements of the most modern dealers on the lookout.



Similarly, the broking dedicates a huge quantity of attention to the expert instruction of beginner traders , at the same time as at the identical time imparting for the very best degree needs of the sophisticated traders in the market. Binomo is a category “A” member of the international financial commission, which guarantees the organisation’s customers quality of provider, transparency of relation, and protection from an impartial and unbiased dispute resolution corporation.


Binomo is an online buying and selling platform recognized for low trade requirements as well as a variety of different fantastic features for new and veteran investors alike. This overview covers all the details of the provider Binomo provides, from the trading platform itself to mobile apps, demo accounts and account sorts.


Why choose binomo?


Minimum account balance from ₨350

  • A unique mode of trading: ‘Non-stop
  • Work also on the weekends
  • Try the variety of online trading options
  • Simple and convenient
  •  Free training
  •   Online support
  •  Trade From anywhere


Our advantage:


  • excessive-stop trading platform with an extensive variety of economic assets.
  •  number of the maximum nice buying and selling phrases and funding possibilities in the marketplace.
  • Analytical buying and selling offerings.
  • handy for both skilled and beginner traders.
  • beneficial excessive great tutorials.
  • expert customer guide team of workers.
  • charges from leading global information corporations




Binomo trading is intended to be as convenient , simple to utilize and advantageous as workable for traders. 


Likewise accessible through tablets, the Binomo portable application is accessible for both Android clients and those that favor iOS.


While a few representatives offer diminished usefulness in the application variant of their foundation, Binomo’s contribution is completely useful.


Anything you can do in your work area, you can likewise do from your cell phone. You could even trench the work area through and through if your inclination is exchanging in a hurry.


Binomo is one in ever increasing application of more traders providing choice and versatility, that is a plus factor for the carrier in fashion.

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Payment Methods:


In case you’re searching for a stage that offers straightforward and advantageous installment strategies, then, at that point, Binomo enjoys the benefit. 


Since the platform offers their service to a changed and worldwide base of clients, it implies there is undeniably more decision relying upon your area. Card and e-wallets service can be utilized, with extra options accessible depending on your district and region. 


For those beginning a little, the starting price is $10 – making Binomo completely available for traders, all things considered, and scopes.

Demo Account: 



As with all the excellent online structures, Binomo affords a complete and fully-functional demo account for ability customers to try out.


All you need to do to get access to the demo website is provide an email, and you’ll then be installed with $a thousand in virtual cash to study with. at the same time as a few structures provide a scaled-down version for their demo bills, Binomo doesn’t preserve returns on their providing.


It’s possible to get a actual feel for all the functions of the platform, without ever spending a penny


How to login to a Binomo account?



To login with BINOMO you need to visit Binoma official site or application.login process is very have to simply go through following steps.


  • Go to cell Binomo App or internet site.
  • First click on “sign in”.
  • Click on “Login”.
  • Then you should have enter your email and password.
  • Next click on the “sign in” 
  • Click on “fb” or “Gmail” for login through the social community.
  • Suppose you forgot the password click on “Forgot password”.


Binomo Strategies:

  • “Pathfinder”: version to trade in flat
  • Market convergence/divergence with the RSI
  • Trading on Fibonacci levels
  • Puria Method Indicative Strategy
  • The “Elder’s Triple Screen” strategy
  • Bollinger Breakdown» trade strategy
  • How to trade without losses?
  • The “Night channel” trading strategy
  • Technical indicators
  • turning information into profit


“Pathfinder”: version to trade in flat

Binomo strategies can help the getting to know technique at the platform. at the same time, it is a collection of interesting investment thoughts. I encourage you to strive out all the strategies protected in your demo account. This can help you to emerge as quite gifted in trading and display you the manner to build your very own techniques.

  Type of strategy:Flat

Time frame:15 – 30 min

Assets to trade:any 


Technical indicators:

Technical signs are tools used to research the dynamics of asset price motion, construct indicator trading structures, and achieve buying and selling indicators on which to change.

Technical indicators

Type of strategy: Trend

Time frame: 60 – 300 min

Assets to trade: any 

Moving Average (MA):

Moving average is the normal cost of a basic resource throughout a specific timeframe. By applying the “Moving Average” pointer on the outline, a dealer can decide the overall course of value development for a resource, which assists you with settling on the best choice while foreseeing the future heading of the trade..


The Alligator:


Alligator indicator combined with Bearish Pin Bar candlestick


The Alligator marker is a specialized pointer planned by the world-popular trader Bill Williams. The Alligator comprises three moving midpoints that all the more plainly exhibit the changing elements of statement development. 


By applying the Alligator to  quote charts, trader can investigate the overall direction of resource quotes, yet in addition changes short-term that show similar crossing points utilized in the moving average indicator


While designing the Alligator indicator, the trader, similarly as when setting up the Moving Average, can demonstrate the quantity of candles to be utilized for the estimation of the normal cost (for every one of the three pointer lines), and the time offset for each normal. In the Alligator marker (because of its intriguing name), each line has its own name: Jaws, Lips, and Teeth.


Bollinger Bands:

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands are a specialized pointer, similar to a moving average, which as well as working out the normal cost for a specific period, additionally compute its greatest deviation from the standard (from the normal worth)


While designing the Bollinger Bands indicator, the trader can set the time of the moving average (the quantity of periods used to work out the normal cost), just as the alternative of computing quote deviation from the normal.


This indicator assists you with deciding the power of quote movement (the smaller the Bollinger Bands, the less versatile the market), just as changes in trend in the bearing of quote movement (quotes crossing the centerline of the indicator going up implies there is a propensity to increment), as well as the other way around.

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Binomo tournament:

Binomo tournament

One of the principle qualities that contrasts Binomo from the rest is the tournaments. These occasions permit pit trader to go up against one another for a lot of the prize cash. Aside from the thrilling chance to test your capacities in taking an interest, dealers get a chance to evaluate their exchanging gifts in Binomo competitions against different clients. This is likewise an opportunity to get a lot of cash rewards without a huge initial spending.


Binomo frequently notifies approximately the upcoming tournaments on their website. there may additionally be a possibility to get knowledgeable about the imminent tournaments without delay on your trading interface through clicking at the option “Tournaments” at the left of the page. The period of the tournament can range from 1 day to one month. The fee to go into the event differs from $2 to $20 primarily based on the event’s period and prize pool.


It is most effective to exchange economic derivatives for the duration of Binomo tournaments. To take part, you want to pay an entry charge. The prize pool of the tournaments normally comprises a percentage from this rate, and it is also from 60% as much as 80%.

As quickly as you sign on, Binomo will create a special account for the event with a hard and fast preliminary sum. all of the participants of the match will get hold of the identical sum for trading. Your foremost challenge is to make your account stable in the given tournament time-frame.


Toward the start of the competition Binomo makes a leaderboard which the entirety of the members of the competition can screen. Its foremost objective is to uncover how much cash each member of the competition has procured just as support transparency.

Binomo also informs the individuals on how the prize pool could be shared out. as an example, among the primary pinnacle-10 competitors. That’s why your goal is to enter the listing of the top 10 candidates. The dealer who earns the largest sum of money on the tournament account gets the most important part of the prize pool. but, this sum isn’t designated. The amount you may get as an award will depend upon the sum you delivered on your account.


Binomo allows limitless rebuys. A rebuy is a funding into your match account with real money. As an example, if you have $100 on your match account, you could rebuy by making an investment of $100 out of your real account. in this manner, you may get $200 for your match account stability. The rebuy is brought to the prize pool.


Remember that you may rebuy simplest if the current account balance and benefit from open positions is smaller than the initial stability.In case you seem like most of the winners, your rewards  might be dispatched on your actual account automatically.


This is what you have  to know about Binomo tournaments.hope this article will be helpful to understand BINOMO.

Frequently asked question:


  • How do you successfully trade on Binomo?

Ans –  7 simple steps to successful trading on Binomo

  • System. 
  • Account balance. 
  • Capital management.
  • Limiting losses.
  • Training. 
  • Controlling your emotions.
  • Market analysis.


  • How do you play tournaments in Binomo?

Ans  – To take part in the binomo tournament, you should enroll on the authority Binomo site and present a competition application. upper right corner you will get all the information about the have to simply follow instructions on the official website.


  • Is Binomo real and safe?

Ans – it is a real,safe and legal company regulated by the international Financial is certified by trades by Verify My Trade.


  • Is Binomo available in India?

Ans  –  Binomo is completely legitimate in India.


  • How to login to a Binomo account?

Ans – To login with BINOMO you need to visit Binoma official site or application.login process is very have to simply go through following steps.


  • Go to cell Binomo App or internet site.
  • First click on “sign in”.
  • Click on “Login”.
  • Then you should have entered your email and password.
  • Next click on the “sign in” 
  • Click on “fb” or “Gmail” for login through the social community.
  • Suppose you forgot the password click on “Forgot password”.


  • How do I withdraw money from Binomo?

Ans – Use the same payment method you used to withdraw money from Binomo. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10. Withdrawal periods can last from a few minutes to 3 days or more. It depends on your account type and payment system.



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