Salman Khan Reveals His Mistakes in Life And How He Apologized to People

By | June 25, 2021

Salman Khan Reveals His Mistakes in Life And How He Apologized to People

Mumbai: Bollywood Actor Salman Khan recently talked about the mistakes of his life in a recent interview with veteran actor Kabir Bedi in a recent Instagram live to discuss the latter’s autobiography titled ‘Stories I Must Tell’. Salman Khan got candid about the mistakes of his life and how he apologized to people after making those mistakes. During a heartfelt conversation between the two actors, Kabir Bedi said talking about the book “I have a story to tell, I have shared a lot of the glories that I have seen but I have also told of the mistakes that I have made and I hope everyone can learn from that.”  Adding to this Salman khan poured his heart out  in English and Hindi as a medium of expression, saying, “That is the most difficult thing… to own the mistakes that one has done. Everyone denies that. I am one of those persons sitting right in front of you. I always said, ‘yeh maine nahi kiya (I haven’t done this)’. But if you have said that ‘yes, I’ve done this mistake and I’ve tried to rectify it this way’, that takes a lot of courage.” Also Read – Ye KRK Ek Number Ka Jhoota Hai: Rakhi Sawant Supports Salman Khan in Legal Battle

Salman Khan added further telling the importance of accepting your mistake and apologizing for it, he said “There are times when I have made mistakes. I have come and said sorry. Mistakes do happen but then repeating the same mistakes again is not okay.” Salman Khan went on to tell why honesty is an important ingredient for writing a book.  He said, “When you write a book, the most courageous thing is to go look deep inside your soul. When you are writing, whether I should write this or not… And then you say, to hell with it, I am just going to be honest with myself and honest to everyone, and I am going to write the honest truth what all has happened with me.” Also Read – Mumbai Court Refrains KRK From Posting Defamatory Content Against Actor, Passes Interim Order

Reacting to Salman, Kabir Bedi replied, “That’s the journey that I had to go through. And I have explored many things in this book — career, successes, triumphs, failures, love relationships…” to which Salman was quick to add in with a smile, “Now this is something that I should learn from you sir!” Also Read – Once Katrina Kaif Cried To Salman Khan Because John Abraham Replaced Her In Saaya? Here’s What You Must Know

Kabir Bedi posted the video clip on his Instagram and captioned it, “Salman Khan and I talk about what it took to tell the story of my life honestly, and how I wrote my book in the pandemic. #StoriesIMustTell seems to have touched many of you and that’s a great gift for a debut author. I thank you ALL for your love and appreciation. Thank you @beingsalmankhan.”

Kabir Bedi and Salman Khan have earlier starred in movies like Kurbaan in 1991 and Maine Dil Tujhko Diya in 2002.

-Written by Apoorva Girdhar

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