‘I Know How It Feels, No One Can Replace a Lost Family Member’

By | May 5, 2021

‘I Know How It Feels, No One Can Replace a Lost Family Member’

Mumbai: Actor Hina Khan, who recently lost her father due to cardiac arrest, mourns the loss of her friend and colleague Nikki Tamboli’s brother Jatin Tamboli. While paying condolences, she mentioned in a heartbreaking tweet how it feels to lose a family member. “So so sorry to hear about your brother Nikki , I very well know how it feels.. No one can ever replace a lost family member.. Heartfelt Condolences @nikkitamboli You are in my prayers.. May god give you and your family strength. May his soul Rest In Peace”. Also Read – Nikki Tamboli’s Brother Passes Away Due to Covid-19: Our Family Chain is Broken

On Tuesday, Nikki Tamboli informed her fans and friends that her brother Jatin had been dealing with health issues for a long time. He was admitted to the hospital after one of his lungs collapsed recently. The ordeal didn’t end there. He tested positive for TB and Covid-19 which worsened his condition.  “My brother was just 29. He was dealing with a lot of health issues since many years…20 days back he got admitted in the hospital as his lungs collapsed. He was surviving on 1 lung. He tested positive for tuberculosis and covid in the hospital. He also got pneumonia. And today morning his heart stopped beating and responding. God has been always kind to me and my family. He saved my brother many times but as we say what is written is written in destiny no one can ever change that. I thank all of them who prayed for my brother. He was tired of the hospital. He is in a better place and in better hands. God shall take care of him.”

Nikki Tamboli's Instagram post for late brother

Nikki Tamboli’s Instagram post for late brother

Hina Khan, who has tested positive for COVID-19, earlier mentioned that she has to isolate herself in these tough times when her mother needs her the most. “A Helpless Daughter Who can’t even be with her mother to comfort her, when she needs her the most.. Dear people times are tough very tough for not just us, but everyone around.. But thrs a saying, Tough times don’t last, Tough people do..🙏 And I am, was and will always be my Daddy’s Strong Girl.. Send in your prayers plz Let thr be light..Dua 🤲”

May his soul rest in peace.

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